On December 3rd and 4th, Zarlasht Sarmast, OSUN Global Fellows Program Coordinator, implemented two workshops for BCB students on the topics of Burnout and Self Care. The focus of the workshops were to  develop and implement culturally-responsive  capacity building strategies aimed at reducing  gaps in mental healthcare by training individuals  to contribute to the wellbeing of others in their  institution.  This workshop is designed to reduce the initial distress  caused by such events and to foster short- and  long-term adaptive functioning and coping.


The main activities that were delivered are the following:

  • Contact and Engagement:

To initiate contacts in a non-intrusive,  compassionate, and helpful manner.

  • Safety and Comfort:

To enhance immediate and ongoing safety,  and to provide physical and emotional comfort.

  • Stabilization (if needed):

To calm and orient emotionally overwhelmed  or disoriented individuals.

  • Information Gathering on Current Needs and Concerns:

To identify immediate needs and concerns,  gather additional information, and tailor  Psychological First Aid interventions.

  • Practical Assistance:

To offer practical help to individuals in  addressing immediate needs and concerns.

  • Connection with Social Supports:

To help establish brief or ongoing contacts with  primary support persons and other sources of  support, including family members, friends, and/ or community resources.

  • Information on Coping:

To provide information on common stress  reactions and coping, to ultimately reduce  distress and promote adaptive functioning.

  • Linkage with Collaborative Services: To link individuals with available services needed at the time, or in the future.