Voices of Afghan Students Across the Open Society University Network

Voices of Afghan Students Across the OSUN network (VASA-OSUN) is a civic engagement project led by an OSUN TSI scholar Aziza Sarmast and a group of young Afghan student leaders at BCB that reflect on the work that Afghan students are doing across the OSUN network. The main goals of this project is to create a platform that is specific to Afghan students and enables them to share a word about the civic engagement projects that they are leading at their universities and connect Afghan students across the network to strengthen connections and sense of community.

We are open to publishing articles with a focus on Afghan students, their civic engagement work, their needs, challenges and the support they are receiving.

If you are an Afghan Student Leader and want to share your work on this platform to ask for further support in your civic engagement journey, please reach out to us by writing an email to the email addresses in our contacts section on the ones listed at the bottom of this page