Long Term Project

´A project for Afghan Students in Need of Educational Support

´Many facts of life for Afghan people particularly with regard to education have been negatively affected by transition of Afghan government to Taliban Rule

´Hope for those who are seeking to learn in Afghanistan is quickly fading

´The sudden closure of secondary school education for girls by Taliban Attorney was first step

´The situation in Afghanistan is complicated but still a variety of options are open to students if help is available

´Why “Education Matters?”

´Submitted as TLS project

The Goal of This Project:

´ To provide Afghan students, living in a third country with full scholarships. Make it possible for them to get student visa and continue their education in the United States. Get educated and be able to serve Afghanistan in the future.

What we need for this project?

´There are many families who want to help Afghan students. So we want you to connect us with them and make a way for them to be sure their money is going to student scholarship and how they can do it.

´Connect us with the universities which are capable of giving scholarships for Afghan students.

´Connect us with the donation organizations who are capable of or willing to help Afghan students for covering their education expenses.