Creating new avenues for sharing agendas and solutions to existing Political challenges in Afghanistan
What do we mean by Global Political Debate?
Issues with the current debates and discussions
  • Less Youth Engagement
  • Lack of Afghan students’ participation
  • More Obstacles, Fewer Solutions
  • Lack of Views and Freedom of Expression
Creating a forum for discussion and debate
  • Connecting Afghan students globally
  • Connecting Political concerns of the present with the future
  • Conducting a forum for students to assert their right for freedom of expression
  • Outlining solutions for the Political Matters
Institutions and students currently involved in these debates
  • AUAF
  • AUIS
  • Bard College
  • AUCA
  • Afghan Students (United States of America, Germany, France, Canada, and India)

Global Political Debate Session at AUIS (American University of Iraq, Sulaimani)

Social Media
Twitter: @Politica4Debate
Contact Person:
Mohammad Imran Khushal