Habibullah Sahak
21 years old
BA in Political Science (Peace & Transitional Justice)
American University of Afghanistan
Kabul Province


Hours were not passing. Saturday the 14th of August was like a year. Sunday started and Kabul fell once again. I was downtown; people were shocked that everyone was running as if zombies were arriving in the city. I rushed home. I was in total shock.

I was not ready to leave my family, friends, people, and country to save my life and pursue my education and career. My family wanted me to go safely, but they hardly controlled their emotions. Those moments were the most challenging moments of my life. Those vibes are unforgettable. Just God knows what’s going on inside my heart while writing this… my friends were in despair; they lost everything, including their families, their businesses and everything else.

It is going well in Bishkek. I want to say thank you to Kyrgyzstan, AUCA, Jonathan Becker and the evacuation team. They were the big game players; I am impressed by their tenacity and commitment.

My friends and colleagues are still surviving in Afghanistan. If there is any possibility, I hope AUCA will do their best to help other AUAF students as well. Thank you for everything.