Hassibullah Ranjbar
18 years old
New Generation Academy
American University of Central Asia
Baghlan Province

Everything changed when AUCA sent me an email that they were evacuating their students by land from Afghanistan to Pakistan and then Bishkek. On one hand, I was thrilled because of the opportunity to study at AUCA but on the other, I was supposed to leave everything behind in Afghanistan. That feeling was the worst feeling I have ever had because I was thinking that whether I will see my family, my friends, or my loved ones again or not. My family was always an encouraging family and as they heard about this opportunity they told me that I should not miss it.

When I arrived in Bishkek I felt like I was safe and now I can live my life even better than before. I am studying in one of the best universities in the region. My only concern is my family living in Afghanistan under the government of the Taliban. I hope that one day I will have a country in which I can live without any fear and a country to which I can return and serve my people.