Meena Nickyar
21 years old
BA in Business Administration
American University of Afghanistan
Kabul Province


In the morning when I opened the window, I saw Taliban cars with white flags covering the streets and they were shooting and shouting “AL-fatah Mubarak,” which means “happy conquest.”

I can not  describe how it feels to leave your homeland and your family behind. I started to think that I was being very selfish when I left all my loved ones when I knew they were in danger but I had to leave them because I know if I stayed I couldn’t do anything for them or myself. I had to leave to stay alive. We all left everything and took all our dreams and goals in a small backpack to Kyrgyzstan to start a new life here. We are going to study and will start a new life full of adventure. It’s true that we have everything in Kyrgyzstan but it will never be the same as our own country. I wish to go back to Afghanistan once I know I can live there like I was before 15th August of 2021.