Mohammad Navid Zafari
21 years old
BA in Business Administration
American University of Afghanistan
Ghazni Province



I got a call which told me not to leave home because Taliban forces had entered Kabul city. My very first thought was that I was stuck a day after booking tickets to leave Afghanistan because of the situation and threats. I felt like everything came to an end; my future, education, dreams and goals. I heard about the evacuation plan soon after the fall and my family encouraged me to leave and save my life. It was one of the hardest decisions of my life to leave my family in that situation.

My journey was quite good. I knew some of the evacuees from AUAF, and I was happy to meet lots of great people during the journey. I never felt like I had no one. We went to visit places in Islamabad and Bishkek together. I remember the words from one of my friends saying, “We should be happy that we have our friends around and that is a blessing. Enjoy the moments with the people around you”.  

I want to thank the evacuation team who worked so hard day and night to make the evacuation possible and create a way out for the students. And a special thanks to AUAF for not leaving their students and standing on the words of making tomorrow’s future leaders. I pray for my country and my people to have the life they deserve.