What is Photos and stories at BCB?
  • P&S – BCB tells the inspiring stories of those students who have left

everything behind in order to continue their education

serve the world.

  • The project also focuses on talking about the

Tremendous amount of work and effort that BCB

faculty , staff and students offers for students who faced

Forced immigration.

  • When giving these students the opportunity to

Share their stories, the project helps in decreasing their

Pain and they meet others who share the same feelings

Why is it important?

-A lot of students who have left their homes without it being their own choice are struggling in telling their stories.

-This causes them trouble and distress.

-I personally feel this way sometimes. I can’t feel comfortable sharing about how I feel with students, faculty and staff at BCB. But I want everyone to know my story. So I came up with this idea and have my first photo exhibition at BCB with the support from the BCB Civic Engagement Office.

Future Plans and funding:

-I want other students to know more about the refugee students who have left everything behind and are at BCB.

-Through P&S – BCB,  I want to reflect on how hard taking these kinds of journeys are

-I want to also reflect on how BCB and OSUN and other people are the reason for the safety and better lives that we have here in Berlin now.


-I would like to apply for the funding of 1000$.

The money will be used for covering the expenses of printing photos

Framing the photos, organizing exhibition in and out of BCB and some refreshment for

the participants of the event.